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Viral Video Shows the Importance of Shop Insurance

One of the latest viral videos found on YouTube was the dramatic images of thousands of bottles of wine crashing to the floor. While it makes an impressive sight it is worth considering the huge amount of financial loss that an accident such as this would cause a business. Shop insurance would help any shop […]

What Business Insurance is needed for ex-offenders?

The insurances required if there are ex-offenders running the business will be no different, however you will need to mention that you are an ex offender to your insurer. This is because there is a moral risk which this could influence the elements of the policy depending on the offence. In the insurers view, a […]

What Business Insurance is needed for sole traders, self employed or small businesses?

Working on your own you are a sole trader you will most likely need sole trader insurance to include public liability insurance and products liability insurance and if you have tools and equipment they can be covered too. Contracts Works Insurance We can provide something called ‘contract works’ which insures certain contracts you are working on […]

How much can I expect to pay for business insurance?

The price you pay for business insurance really depends on the width of cover you require. If you are in the clerical trade, for example as a book keeper and you just need public liability insurance, your premium could be as low as £50 a year. If you are in a high risk profession such […]

What insurance is essential for running a business from home?

This really depends on the kind of business you run from home, as every business has different requirements. If you are visiting clients you would require public liability insurance to protect you in case a member of the public was injured or their property damaged by you as you go about your business. If you […]

Do I need to use an insurance broker to buy business insurance?

You don’t have to use a business insurance broker, however the benefit of doing so is that a professional broker can compare a number of markets and insurers to get you a bespoke quote for your business needs at the right price. If you go direct to one insurer you will only get one price, […]

How much public liability do I need? Is it related to the size of my business?

The standard public liability cover can range from £1m , £2m and £5m, however there are higher levels of cover upon request in excess of £10mn which is called an ‘excess layer policy’. Public Liability & Risk The level of cover that you will need really depends on the risk of your business not the size, […]

What risks and instances can I insure my business and commercial property against?

You can insure your business against injury or damage to property and business persons with employers, public and product liability to insure your liabilities. You can also cover your commercial property against perils with property damage insurance which covers buildings and contents including stock and machinery. You can also cover goods in transit if delivering, […]

When I own a business, how do I find out what insurances I need and also what do they cover?

By speaking to a broker like ourselves, we can tell you the covers that typically go into a policy and find out what is most suited to your needs. For example if you are a tradesman you might want to cover your tools with tool insurance and you will also need public liability to cover […]

What is product liability business insurance and what are the consequences of not having it?

Product liability insurance is put in place to cover you for bodily injury or third party property damage that is caused by a product you provide. An example of when Product Liability Insurance comes into play A recent example would be when a leather furniture manufacturer supplied sofas that had been treated with a particular […]