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Invest in shop insurance to safeguard your livelihood

If there’s any need to demonstrate the importance of a good shop insurance policy for those that run retail businesses, it’s to be found in the continued visible decline of the British high street. The result, after all, is even more intense competition amongst the surviving shops for the decreasing footfall… which means that even […]

Make the most of rising rents with cheap landlords insurance

With rental prices having increased by 3.5% over the course of 2011, according to LSL Property Services, now would seem to be a very good time to be a landlord. However, although average monthly rents are now £25 higher than they were a year ago, there’s still a very real need to protect your investment […]

Don’t become a victim of the high street downturn – protect yourself with retail insurance from The Business Octopus!

2011 has been an eventful year for the retail industry, and indeed, for many shop owners, it has been a very trying one. From the English riots to the recent publication of government research that has found that a third of high streets are “degenerating or failing”, there has certainly been no shortage of discouraging […]

Why you should contact The Business Octopus today about a professional indemnity insurance quote

The rise of the ‘No Win No Fee’ litigation culture may serve those people that are entitled to compensation as a result of property damage or injury very well, but it can simply present another financial headache for many already struggling businesses. By contacting The Business Octopus for a professional indemnity insurance quote, you can […]

Look forward to 2012 with our small business insurance protection in place

Is your small business ready to celebrate the start of 2012? Do you expect to see a significant boost in revenue and to take on more employees? Or are you struggling with the task of simply staying afloat? Alas, it’s fair to say that with the ongoing crisis in the Eurozone continuing to impact on […]

Protect your livelihood with top quality commercial insurance from The Business Octopus

Are you a builder, landlord, plumber, florist, café owner or somebody running an office business? Whether you can answer with a “yes” or a “no” to that question, these are actually just a few of the key business types that are covered by the vast range of commercial insurance from The Business Octopus. Also, given […]

Capital Allowances on Commercial Property – Claim your entitlement

Capital Allowances In tough economic times every business should be maximising their revenue and managing costs appropriately. One area that has been under the microscope for some time is that of retrospective capital allowances on commercial property and furnished holiday lets. What are capital allowances? In simple terms, capital allowances is a mechanism by which […]

Protect Your Livelihood With Landlord Building Insurance

As a landlord, your property is your livelihood and any disasters that strike your building will negatively impact on your business. Fires, floods, and natural disasters can prove especially damaging not only costing you money in paying for repairs but also because you will lose rent income while the building remains unoccupied. If somebody were […]

What Should I Include In My Tradesman Insurance?

Regardless of which field you work in or what are you specialise in, there are certain risks that you face as a tradesman or contractor. These different risks mean that tradesman insurance should be tailored specifically to your requirements in order to ensure that you have complete protection. Public liability insurance should be considered a […]

What To Include In Retail Shop Insurance

One of the great benefits of good quality retail shop insurance is that it can be tailored to specifically meet the needs of you and your business. You can take out a policy that covers everything from the shop itself to your employees. You can enjoy complete protection against court cases and even a loss […]