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What Does Small Business Insurance Protect Against?

Small business insurance can provide a means of protecting against almost any eventuality for your business. Whether you’re a builder or a computer consultant, your business comes under threat from a variety of different sources. If you own your own business property or employ a team of professionals that work on your behalf then you […]

Should I Get Insurance For My Ebay Business?

More and more people are making money using the Internet as their primary source of business. For those that buy or sell products, auction websites can be a very popular venue and they don’t come much bigger than Ebay. Whether buying or selling, though, there are inherent risks with using such a site. With Ebay […]

Shop Insurance Protects Retail Businesses

Selling items requires a space to sell from and, in the majority of cases, this means a retail outlet or shop. The shop itself is a vital part of business and not only should you ensure that it is protected against damage occurring from vandalism and from natural disasters but you should also ensure that […]

Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote

When you offer services and consultancy to clients, you do so on the understanding that your advice and your work will benefit the client and not cost them money. If your actions or your work leads to unforseen errors or costs, clients may take legal action, potentially costing you many thousands of pounds in compensation […]

Cheap Landlords Insurance from The Business Octopus

Cheap landlords insurance can protect you against virtually any eventuality. While you can’t plan for every eventuality when renting out property, you can take out insurance that will protect you against virtually all possible outcomes. You can protect against natural disasters as well as vandalism and even against compensation or litigation claims made by tenants […]

Your Online Business Insurance Quote

Whether you’re a tradesman, contractor, or you run an online business, insurance should be considered an integral part of your monthly plans. Online Business Insurance can help to protect you against loss of income, while also protecting against possible legal expenses and compensation claims made by employees, clients and third parties. There is a wide […]

Neglecting Small Business Insurance Isnt Worth the Saving

It is clear that not paying for small business insurance is cheaper than paying for it, but what will happen in the event that the unexpected occurs and you are left exposed to expensive damage or potentially ruinous legal claims? As a small business owner you are used to dealing with the unexpected. No matter […]

Your Landlord Insurance Quote and Other Essential Costs

When you are thinking of letting out a property it is important that you take into account the cost of the landlord insurance quote and other essential expenses; to make sure that it is economically viable to do so. The landlord insurance quote is unlikely to be the biggest expense you need to meet, and […]

What to Expect from a Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote

Anyone who is arranging a professional indemnity insurance quote for the first time might be worried about what lies in store for them. Will they get asked really technical questions or will they be asked to pay a big fee out there and then. Arranging professional indemnity insurance quote isn’t all that much different from […]